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It is hard to keep up with all the new yoga and fitness studios being opened almost every week, not to mention wellness centres, healthy restaurants, juiceries – there is a whole lot of them as Hong Kong is becoming one of the most health conscious cities in Asia. Having the too many to choose from can be sometimes confusing so how to narrow it down to what really is best for you? Learning about new approaches to fitness and nutrition and eventually trying them out is the answer! With time constraints we all have to deal with in a fast-paced city of Hong Kong, squeezing a big chunk of them in one day is not only convenient but also time effective way to try new things and find out what works best for you. 

Living Alive – Conscious PR & Events teamed up with Sassy Hong Kong to organize a day packed with activities from yoga meditation classes, to spinning and workout sessions, food tasting and health and nutrition advice. All you had to do is pick your spots from the schedule and follow the ‘Wellness Walk’ through Central, Mid Levels and Sheung Wan.

It’s not unusual for me to go to more than one class in a day but I don’t think I have ever done four. The Wellness Walk was a perfect opportunity to test my fitness and stamina in the most fun way possible. 

I started off at the LOT 5 where I got my pass and planned my day which, with an wide choice of classes, shops and restaurants, wasn’t easy! I picked probably the most challenging class of the day – the bootcamp with Bikini Fit in Hong Kong Park. Since I had a bit of time before the class I decided to have a quick look at the products displayed and being on a constant hunt for the perfect (and not so grassy-tasting) super greens powder, the Body Awakening caught my eye. Zachary introduced me to their 3 main products: 3 Greens, probiotics (initially designed for kids so the taste was really good!) as well as magnesium and calcium supplement. They also offer a complete cleanse kits that, apart from the three core products, includes: chlorella, spirulina, herbal and laxative teas, psyllium husk, raw honey and flax seed. I can’t wait to give them a try! Another interesting discovery was an organic skin care company ‘Little Things in Life‘. Since I have become more aware of the toxic substances used in the cosmetic industry nowadays I was very curious to know more about their brands and best sellers. Annie swore by the eyeliners and lipsticks assuring me that having tested them in a yoga class even in the the hot and humid Hong Kong weather they won’t melt. That would be revolutionary!

From there I rushed to my first class with Bikini Fit girls. The high intensity workout consisted of 4 stations combined weights (squats with overhead press, deadlifts, kettle-bell swings and battle rope) with cardio (running up the stairs) and trust me 30 minutes was enough to leave you out of breath. After that I felt like a nice juice from Genie Juicery will give me a boost of energy before my next class – antigravity yoga at Epic MMA Club. It is probably the most playful yoga style I have ever tried and even though it wasn’t my first flying experience it was equally fun and liberating as previous times. Since it wasn’t a typical MMA workout I quickly grabbed a coconut from Sohofama in PMQ and went to JAB – a small training studio in Sheung Wan. A 30 min workout was a mix of cardio and strength followed by a nutritional advice from Andrew. It’s a great club with a professional advice and all the facilities you need to excel in your fitness journey. It was about the time for another snack so I dropped by Pure’s Nood Food (their salads and juices are fantastic) and Anything But Salads for some delicious coconut yogurt tasting to finish off my day with a mindful yoga class at Yoga Bam Bam. As the rain was pouring outside, listening to Win-Sie’s calming voice and following the sequence was a truly relaxing experience. Being used to a a huge studios accommodating 40+ students, this cozy and intimate yoga on Pound Lane seemed like a tiny refreshing oasis.

The Wellness Walk was a great way of testing new workouts, foods and getting invaluable advice from fitness and wellness professional. I hope this type of event will continue to take place on a regular basis for a dose of health!

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