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The drive to this retreat center in the region of Nayarit, Mexico is pure magic. Take a moment for yourself as you pass the edge of the volcanic crater to feast your eyes on the Laguna de Santa María del Oro. Big, blue and beautiful. Within these volcanic crater walls miracles are waiting for you. Volcan Laguna is one of those hidden treasures. An undisturbed, family-owned retreat located directly in front of the lagoon…

This abundance of clear water is the essence of the energy that surrounds this space. Some believe the lagoon is at least 70 meters deep, others question whether there is even a bottom at all. A local guest revealed an old myth about the lake during a bonfire… Two tribes lived on either side of the volcanic crater. The son from one fell in love with the daughter of the other. The tribes agreed to kill the son in order to stop the affair. The daughter cried and cried, filling the valley with her tears. This tragically mysterious Romeo and Juliet story underlines the valley’s bittersweet beauty.

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Volcan Laguna is owned by a Mexican woman, Beatriz. Together with her German husband, Heiko, she recently turned the family summer house – where she had parties in her twenties – into a spiritual retreat. Last year the two became three as she gave birth to her son, Laszlo. It is this family feeling that gives this place it’s intimate touch.

The family offers their home for holistic retreats once a month, focusing on harmonizing body, mind and soul. Their aim is to inspire guests with their healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You will eat Heiko’s delicious vegan cuisine. Avoiding animal products is an essential element of the experience they want to provide, believing this is the key to reducing our impact on the planet. It was a truly divine foodie experience. 

We joined a Restorative Hatha retreat which focused on the Nervous System. The local teacher, Denise Diaque from Sayulita guided us on a journey to discover the depth our own consciousness through movement and stillness, with the aim to break those fixed patterns within our body and mind. We really enjoyed experimenting with different props such as the Back Mitra for the spine, massage balls for the feet and hips, and the Shakta mat for the skin on our backs. 

One thing that stuck with us from this experience was the vast effect of such minimum effort. For example, during the pranayama and meditation exercises we did, Denise advised us to focus on the sensations felt rather than the thoughts passing through. Her positive approach during the classes, the essential oils used and the natural environment we found ourselves in, all combined perfectly to quieten our noisy minds and find peace from within.

The accommodation is comfortable and variable, some rooms are more basic at a cheaper price with bunk beds while others have more privacy. The outdoor garden is spacious, find your favorite spot amongst the numerous terraces decorated with flowers, lounges and hammocks, not to mention the striking view over the lagoon. In between sessions we enjoyed a refreshing swim, explored the lake by kayak and tried some yoga postures on stand up paddle boards. Be prepared to giggle, a lot, when trying this particular activity. 

We were inspired by the enchanting family and in awe of the godly vitality of the lagoon. With the abundance of natural beauty and no internet connection, this is the perfect place to disconnect from your daily life. All that is asked of you here is an enjoyment of the tranquil waters, the outstanding views and “treat-yo-self” moments full of healthy foods and daily yoga and meditation practices. Volcan Laguna is a place to dive inwards, cleanse yourself from what you do not need anymore and manifest beautiful new beginnings. Thank you Beatriz and Heiko for creating this holistic treasure!

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