veggie sf

With its fun contemporary atmosphere, Veggie SF is a vegetarian American-style restaurant located in Central, wedged between D’Aguillar Street and Graham Street. A decor reminiscent of the 50s San Francisco, bedecked with posters and memorabilia of yore, transports you to another dimension when Marilyn Monroe was the limelight, and her sexual allure tilted the world in her direction.

Their mission is to respect and consider all animal lives and therefore serve all dishes free of meat, seafood and MSG. They cook with the freshest produce delivered everyday to the kitchen.The strong aroma of vegan, organically grown food fills the room. The olive oil prepared, perfectly al dente spaghetti, fried tofu, and crispy Indonesian vegetable-‘meat’ are delights. These dishes, made out of exotic ingredients topped with sometimes overpowering sauces, brought in me a maelstrom of tastes so strong that my mouth descended down to a level with only a masticatory function.

The combination of festive ambiance and quick service complement the food in a way like professional ballroom dancers engaged in a perfectly-executed choreography. Veggie SF is definitely worth trying.

*Note: The restaurant only accepts cash for payment.

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