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Blue Velvet has reinvented the future of downtown dining, giving downtown renaissance supporters and green enthusiasts alike reason to gush. From the menu and wine list to the aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly decor, this eatery gives some of the most popular and exclusive restaurants in LA a run for their money. Brought to fruition by developer and environmentalist Bret Mosher, executive chef Kris Morningstar and managing partner Robert Hartstein, Blue Velvet has seamlessly merged a first rate dining experience with an environmentally conscious approach to entertaining. Stepping outside of traditional categories, the eclectic nature of the restaurant elevates it into a league of its own.

An architectural and artistic triumph, the restaurant boasts five rooms, each using structure and lighting as sources of natural décor. Designed by architectural firm Tag Front, creators of Boa Steakhouse and The Geisha House, the intimate space is filled with surprises from room to room. The main dining area, called the Cloud Room, jets off the entrance and is comfortably occupied by cozy tables and beautiful stemware. A glass wall lines the space, offering views of the charming exterior courtyard and well-lit pool where diners can enjoy after-dinner drinks. Across the restaurant is the Red Lounge, featuring dark sultry hues, a fireplace and a glass wall giving way to a breathtaking cityscape. Nestled between both of these rooms is a private dining area with an impressive wine cellar for larger parties. Along the back wall of the restaurant, called the Blue Lounge, is a full bar and DJ booth, which creates a unique space for the after-work and night crowd. The lounge also features a 17-foot sunken family-style table, doubling as an inventive centerpiece for the room. 

In the quest to design an impeccable and imaginative space, the use of environmentally friendly materials was a top priority. Made from rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo and teak, Blue Velvet is hoping to pave the way for future eco-friendly consideration. Merging homegrown and upscale, the downtown eatery possesses its own rooftop garden where vegetables and herbs are grown for the kitchen, creating its own sustainable source of ingredients. Not what you’d expect from a sophisticated fine dining restaurant, but Blue Velvet isn’t playing by any pre-established rules.

The Blue Velvet menu inspires a feeling of occasion and an excuse for indulgence without the guilt. Celebrating contemporary American cuisine, Blue Velvet has created unique meal and drink menus for the Cloud Room, Blue Lounge and pool area, making each trip to the restaurant an experience. A wide array of distinctive starters is yours for the choosing. Whether you settle on the hamachi or the lobster cassoulet, you will be pleased by the exceptional array of flavor. For your main course, Blue Velvet offers a collection of mouth-watering entrees with seafood sure to tempt sophisticated vegetarian palates. For dessert, indulge your sweet tooth with the white chocolate bombe or the Marsala poached pears. To compliment your meal, there is a wide array of fine wines and an on-staff wine expert to guide you to the perfect glass. 

Lighting the way for the downtown renaissance, Blue Velvet has done more than bring fine dining to a rapidly changing neighborhood. The restaurant has provided a wonderful example of the breadth and relevance of the ever-expanding eco-conscious-with-discerning-taste movement. Pushing beyond perceived limitations of going green and inventing new ways to create sustainable resources, Blue Velvet has set the bar high for fine dining downtown and the future of environmentally mindful restaurants.



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