the cow feed resto

Anyone living in Jakarta, that’s either health conscious or vegan, knows how difficult it is to find fresh, healthy,vegan-friendly food. This is why I was so delighted when I first discovered The Cow Feed Resto in Epicentrum, Kuningan. Finally, here was a place that offered fresh and filling salads (as opposed to the boring garden salad I am always invariably directed to as the “vegan option” when I eat out). The best thing is that all of the salads are customizable! The restaurant provides an order slip on which customers can mark the ingredients they would like to have mixed in their salad, along with their choice of salad dressing. The cooks then mix it together and present it beautifully.

The price for a big bowl of salad with your choice of 8 ingredients is a little pricier than other salads, but it is not exorbitantly expensive. It’s worth the price to be able to get a fresh and filling salad that is made exactly to a customer’s specifications. My only gripe is that certain ingredients are “kosong” or “habis”.

The Cow Feed Resto also offers fresh juices and smoothies, but, beware some are not dairy free and many are loaded with extra sugar. Hey, you can’t have everything. Overall, my experiences with eating at The Cow Feed Resto have been very satisfying.

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