the conscious café

Located in a car park (yes, a car park), this beautiful café stands out like a vessel descended from a yogi mother ship, which has stumbled across earth from a tropical organic vegetarian universe.

Within this oasis of a ”˜vessel’ lies a haven filled with palm trees, patio seated are and some much needed shade, perfect for any thirsty or hungry wandering organic junkie.

The menu is 100% vegetarian and certified organic (one of only two in Byron) and is perfect for an Om Shanti brekkie’, a moon eclipse lunch or a sweet Ganesh crepe.

This café is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning organic coffee or reading a book whilst sipping juice from a young coconut.  The wake me-up smoothie is wonderful and sets you up for your day ahead in Byron Bay. You can even add maca, chia seeds, shatavari or spirulina to your smoothies for an extra $1.00! The average meal price is $14.50 which is a bargain considering the portion size and nutritious value. A smoothie can easily supplement one for your lunch as they are highly filling and nourishing.

The atmosphere is very chilled, friendly and has a real family-home vibe to it, which is signature to Byron Bays’ hippy-chic, laid back culture.

Expect to be surrounded by colorful Byron Bay veterans, barefoot hippy chicks and welcoming and informative staff members who put no pressure on you leaving.

There is no Wi-Fi available here which can be a drawback for some, however when you speak to the lovely Elisha, who is the brainchild and owner of the cafe, you will realize why its not allowed and start to think more and more on the dangers of electromagnetic waves.

What’s’ amazing about The Conscious Café as its very being lives by its concept of conscious eating and conscious business management. The staff are transparent about all of the menus’ ingredients and uses non-processed local produce only, non-Teflon cooking equipment and self-proclaimed ”˜whole lotta’ love’, that goes into all their menu choices.

A must visit for anyone in Byron Bay!

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