vedic meditation course

This life-changing, yet simple course on Vedic Meditation was lead by International meditation teacher and co-founder of the 1GiantMind project, Jonni Pollard and held at Desa Seni, Bali’s eco-village.

Starting on a Friday with an introduction and concluding on a powerful Sunday evening, this course was specific to the beginnings and beginning a daily Vedic meditation practice of 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Vedic Meditation uses a technique where the repetition of a mantra is used internally in the mind space, not to control the mind, but to expand it.

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A mantra was given to the students one-by-one by Jonni in private, which each person was asked to keep as our own and not to be shared.

Sharing a mantra of this significance will result in the mantra loosing its essence and power.

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The type of mantra given so lovingly by Jonni was a bija (seed) mantra, which by its very name and nature is something that is planted, grows, and is infinite in its power to remarkably create a state of higher consciousness.

The mantra was to be repeated until it resonated within becoming one with its bearer, a moment that will never be forgotten and which felt like the start of something extraordinary.

Once a mantra is given, it becomes yours for life.

The course structure was divided into lecture-style talks, lessons on the science of the mind and body and meditation practices in group form, that were advised to do in comfort and not austerity. The group also had a chance to share the experiences and subtle changes noticed over the weekend, which was always interesting and inspiring.

Over the three days Jonni’s eloquence and knowledge profoundly touched and resonated within the group.  He started the course with a very humble pooja (prayer ceremony) to past teachers, which was a display of grace and respect to the lineage of this 5,000-year-old practice and highlighted his sincerity and an instant trust.

The course was simply engaging yet extremely profound and Jonni’s warmth really made everybody at ease. The techniques and practices were taught in plain language form, however the knowledge and experienced gained, evidently life changing.

The course ended with immense energy that had manifested across the weekend, and a challenge set by our teacher of keeping up the twice-a-day practice for 28 days.

“It’s time to claim your birthright. You are a being of infinity”, Jonni states to the group.

Well, here’s to infinity, who’s coming along?

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