toe talk mindful

If your socks could speak, what would they say?

This was the question that Toe Talk Mindful creator, Jan Beresford, found herself asking after struggling to stay grounded during a Pilates routine. The answer came to her in the form of Toe Talk, socks with a voice that reminds us that balance can be achieved.

Toe Talk’s Mantra socks are colorful, soft, and inspirational. They are well designed, right down to the fun shapes of the non-slip grips on the bottoms of the socks.

Each one comes with a message, a mantra, printed across the front, and they have a variety of mantras and socks to choose from.

Their cotton-blend socks, such as “Namaste Spirited” and “Breathe. Balance. Be.”, are warm and cozy, but still light and breathable, enabling you to feel a grounded connection to the yoga mat.

The “Tom’s Determination” is Toe Talk’s first sock for men, and is designed with the same careful attention to detail and quality as their women’s styles.

Other styles, such as the “Mindful Sunset” and “This Moment”, are made from a bamboo blend. Bamboo-blend socks are eco-friendly, chemical-free, super lightweight and breathable, and just as delightful to wear as their cotton blends.

Toe Talk socks can be packaged in “ready-to-give” pouches, making them perfect gifts. Plus, $1 of every pair of socks you purchase will go to one of five charities of your choice, such as Best Friends Animal Society, Save the Children, and the Stand Up to Cancer Foundation.

Balance is difficult to achieve without a strong foundation. Toe Talk Mindful hopes to make finding that balance—along with traction and stability—a little easier for your feet.

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