tibetan groove

This stunning and well-crafted album combines an exotic mixture of traditional and authentic Tibetan instruments set to a hypnotic mid-tempo pulse of percussion. For his new album Tibetan Groove, Karl Maddison creates an atmosphere of simple chill that is enhanced by the soothing instrumentation of Tibet.

Light, breezy rhythms provide the backbone for these cuts, which entwine guitar harmonies with the sound of the bamboo flute. Relaxed, spacious ambience ebbs and flows through the tracks, giving the music an ethereal quality. Maddison performed all of the instrumentation on the album (save the flute, which was provided by Julian Wiggins on many of the tracks), and did a fantastic job of capturing the spiritual essence of the Tibetan landscape and blending it with cool sounds that are at times jazzy, with world music hints, and always contemporary. This is similar to that of label mates Nicholas Gunn and David Arkenstone. What sets this apart from the pack?

Well, it’s a sea of chill out and world beat grooves out there, and this one works well for yoga class with its relaxed and spacious feel, and equally well for all manner of movement. It is exquisitely produced with every melody memorable and engaging, so now you can lounge like never before!

– $14.99

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