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Theta Healing, which is also called Orian Technique, was developed by Vianna Stibal and is currently practiced in many corners of the globe.

The spiritual method of healing consists of a meditative process to enter the theta brain wave and access information stored in the subconscious. It is a co-creative, metaphysical process that creates healing from focused prayer through the Creator. According to Vianna Stibal, to attain the life we would like and deserve we must remove negative belief systems. This can be achieved by limiting thought patterns and emotions that hinder us, and addressing  to “the Source” directly.

No particular knowledge is required to take a Theta healing workshop or to simply experience the benefits of a Theta healing session. However, “believing” in a creative force or energy is at the base of the technique and what makes healing possible.

Many people are not aware that they create their lives from their subconscious beliefs, feelings, and conditioned behaviors. Learning that they themselves, operating from the Law Of Attraction, co-create their reality, is often a major breakthrough and the start of the healing process.

Martin, one of the main leaders in courses and workshops of Theta healing in Asia, began his career in the corporate world before taking the path of spiritual quest throughout India and Asia. It is the Theta healing process that allowed him to access the transformation he expected. Today, Martin devotes his time between traveling and teaching this technique through beginners to advanced trainings, and workshops in Bali and Thailand.

Master the Theta Healing Workshop is a life changing three-week course of self-discovery and transformation. In these workshops, he is assisted by Meli, whom from a very young age has been interested in the healing arts. Meli brings an array of skills and experiences to these programs such as, Maitre Reiki (Usui and Tera -Mai Seichem), certified Sivananda Yoga instructor, Acupressure, and Thai massage therapist and licensed nutritionist.

The intuitive anatomy course of self-discovery and transformation guides you  every day on a specific body system. You will learn that each system of the body is connected to some specific mental, emotional, and spiritual issue.

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Another healer to contact in Bali, Indonesia for Theta healing session: Tania Luisa Lester


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