the urban farm

The Urban Farm, instantly feels like the mountains of Cordillera Central. The green plants and tree covered walls, create a natural lighting in this simple yet spacious restaurant.

There are plenty of options available to those who are vegans, vegetarians. They serve classic Filipino dishes, with a healthy twist. The restaurant was created by the owner, Aunt Liz. Liz is a cancer survivor, who turned to healthy food for healing. In talking to the owner, Charis informed us that living a healthy lifestyle is dear to her, as she has struggled with asthma most of her life.

All vegetables are local and organic that derive from farmers around the provinces mostly from local farmers.

The Pumpkin Mallunggay soup is mouthwatering, with small chunks of pumpkin and blended Mallungay leaves, infused with flavors of garlic. The Summer Citrus Salad, is bursting with flavors that blend beautifully. The Buddha’s Feast, is a vegetable dish that is underwhelming in flavor, but healthy for you.

The smoothies are also delicious. Usually, I am one to drink green smoothies as fast as possible, to get the disgusting grass tasting flavor out of my mouth. Their Green smoothie, however, is sip worthy with the fresh taste of mint and honey. The Cinnamon Apple Spice smoothie, is highly recommended and is infused with cinnamon and fresh apple.

True care is given to the customers and the community, beyond the food. This would include a music therapy program and forums for customers that are cancer survivors and patients.

The farewell quote from the owner’s Grandmother says it all, “laugh so hard that even sorrow follows you.”

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