the three “only” things

The three “only” things in the book of the same name are considered to be dreams, coincidence and imagination. As adults, many of us have learned to discount these tools of guidance, assuming them to be unimportant””if sometimes entertaining””phenomena. Using historical examples, Robert Moss weaves a case for the historical significance of these three phenomena, giving examples from as far back as the time of the first Roman emperor.

To demonstrate that the importance of the three “only” things has not diminished in our day and age, Moss relays numerous personal accounts from the lives of individuals he has met along his journey as an expert dream lecturer. Using simple, fun games and intriguing written and visual exercises the reader can””even for just five minutes a day””embark on his or her own journey to open the mind to dreams, notice patterns of coincidence, and open his or her heart to imagination.

Moss believes that by harnessing the life-altering power of the three “only” things we make ourselves available to the Big Story. Thus we can use them to help us in extraordinary ways, such as healing from disease, communicating with those that have passed on, and even possibly predicting future events in our lives.

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