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The crepe has travelled far; from its best known origins in the northwest regions of France, to parts of Africa, and now, to Ubud, where you can find the delicate treat at The Spell. Join a mystical journey of flavour, colour and sorcery. You choose the concoction, you choose the remedy. Sweet or savoury, there’s something to delight every taste.

Upon entering The Spell you may choose to head downstairs where you can watch the food preparation from the comfort of cushions and low tables. There’s no fear of scooters and cars invading your quiet dinner, as the street has recently been pedestrianised. If you choose to head upstairs, you’ll find low hanging lights and celtic fiddle music to accompany your visit. There’s a wishing tree too, and, after your meal your server will bring a small piece of paper tied with golden string. Don’t show anyone your wish, this is between you and the wishing tree. Have faith; your wishes are already coming true.

Combining Celtic mythology and popular culture, The Spell delivers good food in a comfortable environment that puts you immediately at ease. The hardest part will be deciding what to order. The Gandalf galette features goat cheese, rucola and fresh tomatoes. The Merlin is packed with Emmental, fresh tomato and an egg. The Arthur combines homemade vegan “foie gras“ with caramelized onions, grilled cashew nuts and rucola.

I tried The Balinese Secret with jackfruit Betutu (marinated and cooked in Balinese spices). Although the jackfruit was a great texture I would have enjoyed a few more ingredients. Next time I’m ordering The Percival, full of tomatoes, jicama, rucola and vegan “Bolognese” with either Parmesan or “raw”-mesan. Each galette is served with a small mixed salad and if you wish hard enough, you can create your very own spell!

Credit The Spell Creperie

The behind-the-scenes wizards at The Spell are enormously proud of their cafe. Dishes are prepared using ingredients from their own farm, with produce that’s over 80% organic (with the current state of our soil and air, it’s difficult for anyone to reach 100%). Most menu items are vegan, gluten-free (all galettes are automatically made with buckwheat flour) and paleo-friendly. They also shun palm oil and MSG. Organic eggs and the choice of cane or palm sugar round out the offering. At The Spell, you truly are the master of your own delights.

In terms of sweets, there are endless combinations for you to taste. Highlights include homemade salted butter caramel, vegan salted caramel, coconut whipped cream and vegan lemon curd. I’ve personally been known to pick up a Sweet Fairy on my way home from dinner once or twice.

For those who crave the nectar of the gods, look no further than the Elixirs, beverages made with organic fresh fruits, vegetables and love! You’ll find aloe vera with ginger and mint; dragon fruit and apple; homemade ginger kombucha; and the White Knight – coconut, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut nectar and coconut cream. Can you get anything else out of a coconut?!

At The Spell you can enjoy the fresh, individual tricks and tastes of every element. Healthy and naughty in equal measure, they will bewitch you with their magical land of galettes and crepes. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and fall under the spell.

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