the song of breath

A profoundly beautiful collection of sweet chalisas and mantras, Yvette Om has constructed a masterpiece of powerful songs to the divine.   While giving full credit to the love and loyalty of the Breath, (“Breath is a most constant and loyal companion”) Om’s voice resonates with the purity of the goddess. (“Each Breath is Creation”)

Deeply yin, perfect for yoga and meditation, Yvette Om’s sweet voice is precisely complemented with  kirtan artist Girish, as his vocals are seamlessly interwoven from one track to the next, with build ups and crescendos, contractions and climaxes, bringing a nice balance of yin/yang.

Soothing yet mesmerizing, soft and stimulating, bewitching, enchanting, immaculate, angelic, pure, sublime, ethereal, Yvette Om’s sweet  ecstatic vocals and her outstanding musical contributors, including the stellar Benjy Wertheimer on Esraj, “The Song of Breath” delivers us to realms of bliss.

With this collection of divine songs, we are spiritually risen while remaining  purely grounded. Being treated to the super sounds of  the remarkable Ben Leinbach as musical player and co-producer, this combination of harmonies and prayers  are brilliant. “One Humanity in Breath.”, “Breath is forever free!”

With contributions by:  Girish, Lisa Heffter, Ben Leinbach, Martin Orimenko, Marianne Sutin, Benjy Wertheimer – Produced by Yvette Om & Ben Leinbach – copyrighted 2013 –

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