the richest man who ever lived

By: Steven K Scott
Edited date: November 15, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The harsh tendencies of the working world are no secret to most. This world is so eager to present challenges and obstacles at every turn. The key to surmounting these hurdles, however, often feels very much like a secret buried in the lessons of tomorrow. Fortunately, this is not the case, according to author Steven K. Scott. In The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, Scott denies waiting on the future to deliver our lessons because he believes the knowledge we need to succeed can be found in the past. Encouraging readers to consider the lessons offered in the biblical Book of Proverbs, Scott opens the door to our future with keys from the past.

Inspired by the lessons of King Solomon in the First Testament, Scott reveals the secrets to the king’s success, wealth, and happiness. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived explores the four qualities that make you invaluable: kindness, honesty, generosity, and graciousness. These qualities are then applied to the workforce, exposing the truth that wealth is derived from a combination of action and attitude. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived will help guide you toward the path of your success as it uncovers the power of wisdom over gold.

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