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Recently I found myself enraptured by a documentary titled “The Reality of Truth.” The film was created by Zappy Zapolin, an internet pioneer who “had it all,” (career success, financial success, a happy marriage and family, the beautiful house…) yet found himself feeling empty within and longing for a richer, deeper experience of life. 

He was also seeking solutions for some of our world’s biggest problems such as addiction and depression.

In search of truth, Zappy interviews many thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Ram Das and embarks upon a journey to explore ancient modalities to heal physical, mental and emotional suffering.

The movie follows him around various parts of the world as he explores practices such as transcendental meditation, plant medicine, and breathwork, and finds himself free from the illusion of the everyday experience.

Watch the reality of truth trailer here below.

Reality of Truth trailer

To say that I was captured by the film is an understatement. Yes, it was entertaining and enlightening, but even more so, Zappy’s story hit home.

Ten years ago I found myself in a deep, dark depression after the sudden loss of my mother. 

Her passing prompted such deep suffering, I locked myself in my bedroom for nearly six months not participating in the world. I was angry, I felt hopeless, and I wanted answers. 

My inner foundation had been rocked, and everything I had known to be true seemed irrelevant.

Little did I know that this would only be the beginning as I had a complete loss of identity…

During my time of hibernation, I had the opportunity dive deep into my psyche and to evaluate the noise. 

I gave myself the opportunity to let it all go, and to really marinate in all the mental and emotional suffering that had lurking beneath the surface.

The pain, a strong, stubborn refusal to take anti-depressants, and the insatiable appetite for answers and truth prompted a journey to India in search of natural solutions to heal my mind, body and spirit. 

There had to be more beyond the waking/dreaming existence, I needed to experience something beyond my mere 5 sense reality.

My quest proved successful, and with the tools of Ashtanga Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and Full Body Cleansing, I found the healing and many of the answers I was seeking. 

By going inside my own consciousness, allowing myself to experience anything and everything that came forward, and letting go of judgment, and body and mind toxicity and pollution, I realized a sense of bliss and happiness beyond what I had ever known before. 

I found truth… my truth. I experienced God… my God. And I finally understood experientially oneness and the interconnectedness of all things.

“When you fall away for a minute, something special happens. This is actually the beginning, and now you have to relearn the world just like you were a baby,” says Zen priest and actor Peter Coyote.

This quote from the movie could not prove to be more accurate, as once you have a taste of the nectar, you awaken to the real “juice” that is available for us at all times. 

We are living in trying times, and we are being offered the opportunity to wake up, to come together, and to create a new global infrastructure and architecture of peace and unity. 

The easiest place to start is by ending the war within, and Zappy’s movie brings forward various ways to start the process.

Miracles happen, and when we embrace our own suffering we are empowered to set it free. These tools are available to us at all times, and hope is in the proof of others that have walked similar paths. 

So often it is in our own quest for healing that we are led to the work we are meant to do in the world.

For me personally, the miracles I have experienced with full body cleansing prompted me to create my own cleanse and nutrition business and formulate my own line of organic herbal supplements. “The Reality of Truth” shares the story of Gerard Powell, a man who after years of therapy and substance abuse treatment, healed himself of addiction using plant medicine. 

His profound healing inspired him to start Rythmia Life Advancement Center, in Costa Rica that is geared toward healing and the expansion of consciousness.

Once you have a taste of transcendence, you develop a yearning to recreate it in every moment and to seek to recalibrate your cells back to the truth. You realize just how important it is, and how this is the key to reversing personal suffering, as well as the suffering of the collective conscious.

Choose your tools wisely, and be clear with your intention. Be mindful when you embark upon the journey that you have a strong support system in place as you may find your value system change, which can make it challenging to operate in our current societal structure and system.

“When I understood and accepted my own darkness, I was consumed by the light.” – Hope Floats.

Our world needs awake individuals who lead with love and are willing to shine. Thank you, Zappy and team, for making such an incredibly powerful film that brings light to the various ways we can access the more subtle layers of our being and tap into universal consciousness and unconditional love.


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