the extraordinary healing power of ordinary things

As a well-read child of “Generation Self-Help,” I found that as I made my way through Dr. Dossey’s book, I kept waiting for the “How To” part to kick in – to be assaulted with charts, regimens, quizzes. I was waiting for the part that suggests that if I just read this one book, I’ll have my life figured out.

It didn’t happen.

In fact, Dossey spends a great deal of time talking about (and celebrating) the many paradoxes that make up the mystery of life and the human body. The fourteen steps aren’t a “how to,” but are actually chapters on such intangible concepts as “optimism,” “risk,” “unhappiness,” and “nothing.” According to Dossey – who, along with Andrew Weil, is at the forefront of integrative medicine – these are all “treasures in plain sight,” which can serve as miraculous sources of healing. While Dossey has a breezy style and has obviously done his homework in the less scientific arenas of psychology and spirituality, the book never quite gels: its lack of cohesion makes it read more like a series of blog entries than a book. That being said, it is filled with inspirational stories of spontaneous healing (although, I’m not sure having maggots thrust upon me would be my first choice of alternative medicine) as well as musings on subjects that can be applied to all areas of one’s life – not just one’s health.

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