the enchanted island

Since Jack’s first album, Wind Across the Sea (2007), his music has gone from strength to strength with Jack playing at concerts and workshops all over the world. He has now finished his second album of yoga music, The Enchanted Island (2011).

Jack Harrison’s CD is placed in the genres of yoga, Kirtan, and world music. Jack Harrison is a yoga teacher, singer and folklorist. He has worked and studied in all three of these areas for the last 30 years and has been blending them together in his Spanda Yoga Music Workshops which include Anusara inspired yoga, music and mythology.

Jack Harrison’s tracks are compiled with instrumentation including guitars, mandocello, strings, flute, saxophone, whistle, pipes, harmonium, table, percussion, and female background vocals. His Celtic mantras speak of love, life and peace.  “Ubi Caritas – Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha” is a piece that is an address to the Buddhist Goddess Tara. This chant symbolizes oneness within the inner potential of all. “A Still Small Voice” takes you on a journey through the human experience of a divine couple. “Sarvesham” is a mantra that chants for peace, fullness, and prosperity to be unto all. His music is perfect for any yoga class, meditation, or just easy listening.

Recommended Tracks: 4. Ubi Carias-Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha (9:05), 5. A Still Slmall Voice(8:01), 7. Sarvesham(8:45)

Sounds Like: Original because of the blend of Celtic Traditional music with Kirtan and Yoga traditions. You can find the CD on Amazon.

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