the bonus years diet

A life-extending diet doesn’t have to be limiting. This book will teach you how to enjoy food and prevent cardiovascular diseases and other health aliments. Unaware of the strong correlation diet alone has on our cardiovascular health, many of us have relied on prescription medication without taking into account the remedy right at our fingertips. A simple change in diet can prevent and improve cardiovascular diseases, while inflating an overall sense of well-being.

The Bonus Years Diet is not your ordinary diet manual. The book incorporates certain foods many of us have a hard time staying away from, including both chocolate and nuts, which are actually included in the list of seven miracle foods that can assist you in achieving both health and longevity. This easy-to-navigate book begins with facts about health and diet, covers the seven miracle foods and their healing properties, and finally offers readers an assortment of scrumptious recipes for optimal health. Supported by scientific evidence, the tools in this diet cookbook will ultimately help us lead longer and healthier lives, without having to give up our sweet tooth.

Reviewed by Cheris Branch 

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