the 80/20 individual: how to build on the 20% of what you do best

In his latest in a series based on the 80/20 rule””aka the Pareto Principal””Koch again focuses on the universal law that states only 20% of actions/intentions reap rewards/content. Individuals who focus on the most unique and useful 20% of their own talents and gifts – not their lacking 80% – will find success. In The 80/20 Individual, Koch focuses on putting the law in effect to help one’s business as well as one’s professional and personal lives.

An Oxford grad, Koch has amassed a wealth of knowledge as a consultant and author focusing on the 80/20 principal over the years. He cites evidence of the 80/20 effect from Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection to the success of Oprah Winfrey.

Find the book on Amazon for $14. 

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