take charge of your mind

“When was the last time you felt calm, happy, creative and super-productive at work?” That’s the key question authors Paul Hannam and John Selby seek to answer: the day after you read this book.

Take Charge of Your Mind is a book focused on a variety of useful themes such as Wake Up, Stop Worrying, Boost Your Empathy and Get Creative. As Hannam, a business entrepreneur and Oxford University lecturer, and psychologist Selby make clear, there are easily mastered “cognitive uplift” methods that, when employed, enhance your performance, power and satisfaction at work.

The take-charge process they lay out will enable you to shine brilliantly at work, identify core needs, and obtain a solution. They will also help you find a process and lead you to a payoff. Chapter previews explain these four methods to unleash the remarkable power of your integrated mental, emotional and intuitive capacity. The result is customer satisfaction, well-being and personal fulfillment.

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