synctuition meditation app review

A meditation app available on App Store and Google Play for Android

Meditation has been scientifically proven to have a profound effect on our minds, but what if you could enhance your meditation sessions to not only achieve deeper levels of relaxation but increase your intuition as well?

This is the idea behind Synctuition, a unique meditation program that helps to increase your intuition through realistic, three-dimensional sound journeys.

Developed in cooperation with psychologists, neurologists, musicians, top sound engineers and meditation experts.

Synctuition combines three-dimensional music and sounds, binaural beats (sound waves that play slightly different frequencies into each ear that together create a third frequency in your mind that can alter your mental state and promote deep relaxation), and even the sound of your own voice to create the ultimate meditation experience.

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Each meditation is designed to be an adventure into both the mind and the imagination.

Because the sounds are three-dimensional, listeners feel as though they are in the rainforest surrounded by birds, or so close to the ocean waves crashing into the shore that they can feel the cold splash of water on their skin.

The accompanying music is soothing and the deep, wavering rhythm of the binaural beats blends into the background, enveloping the listener in a steady stream of vibrations.

By the end of the journey, the listener has fully relaxed into a deep, meditative state. 

Those who listen to Synctuition’s guided meditations will not only enjoy the usual benefits of a daily meditation practice, such as improved sleep and lower stress levels.

They will also learn how to tap into their intuition and cultivate inner peace. Try the first three Synctuition tracks for free