susan derwin

Susan Derwin’s Yin Flow classes are a journey through unexpected sensations and emotions that will leave you feeling blissed out, perhaps a little achy, and renewed in mind and body. What makes Susan’s classes truly special is Susan Derwin, and the space she creates for each individual to shape their own experience on the mat.

Her approach focuses on listening to the body and trusting its intelligence rather than forcing the body into a form.

Susan’s class is a safe space where everyone feels comfortable, and you can truly let go of anxiety about how a shape looks and tap into how it feels, a crucial element of the practice that I feel is often lost in the deluge of yoga selfies currently clogging the social media.

Her classes are a rebellion in stillness, an invitation to go deeper into both the mind and the body. Susan Derwin is also a really smart teacher.

Her knowledge of asana and yoga philosophy will render you speechless, and she weaves that knowledge into her classes in ways that feel natural and foster understanding of what is happening in every shape.

You will learn about yin yoga and the fascia system in her class, but you might also learn about the chakra system.

You’ll definitely hear some good music because Susan’s playlists are always soulful. And you won’t escape without getting a little sweaty.

After almost an hour of leading you on an inward journey, Susan Derwin amps it up with a brief, but invigorating flow that feels like nirvana itself.

There is nothing like a good downward dog after stretching out your fascia, trust me.
And trust Susan. She teaches so much more than asana. Susan Derwin teaches you how to learn from your body and how to love your body.

Don’t miss her monthly Yin and Essential Oils workshops, which she teaches with the brilliant Brandi Ryans Foster at both the Brooklyn and NYC Laughing Lotus studios.

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