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If you are one of the health conscious shoppers in Bali, running from one store to another under the burning sun to get your essentials can get exhausting – Bali Direct is now your next best option – a home delivery service dedicated to providing the best natural/organic/wild products from Bali and other islands in Indonesia’s archipelago.

Their list of products is not extensive, yet it is a start, as the company is failry new and from what we gather, they will be regularly adding new items to their product line. They do however, offer products from some of the most ethical and sustainable producers on Bali, such as Cantika, East Bali Cashews, Radiantly Avlive Chocolate, All Things Nice Spice Company, Daily Baguette, Charley’s Chocolate, Utama Spice, Cheeky Devil Co, Aranya, Big Tree Farms, Bali Coconut and Bali Virgin Coconut Oil.

The spirit at Bali Direct is quite welcoming and we were told that if there is any products we would like to see, they will do their best to resource them – providing them with a product name, the brand, the supplier and anything else you want to share will help the process.

Most of their products are sourced from Bali or other parts of Indonesia’s archipelago. This is to support the ecological growth of local farmers and organic companies.

They label their products under 3 names: Wild means they are growing in mother nature. Natural means they are grown without chemicals. Organic means they are grown and managed without chemicals on their own farms. All fruits and vegetables are harvested and delivered the same day.

Price USD. all range
Best thing about this product: Gets fresh to your door – order before 8 am and get deliver the same day!

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