supercharge me! 30 days raw


a documentary review

Not many raw food vegans dream of becoming showgirls, but Jenna Norwood isn’t your traditional health nut. After unsuccessfully trying on a tight showgirl costume for a Halloween party, Norwood vowed to slim down, trading in her favorite snacks for healthier options. Utilizing raw food experts from the Optimum Health Institute of San Diego and conjuring good old-fashioned discipline, Norwood decided to give raw food a chance for 30 days, feeding her soul and shedding excess weight bite by bite.

A play on the popular movie Super Size Me, Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw takes a similar approach by following Norwood on an intimate, life-altering expedition. Hoping to experience transformation and restore a sense of health and well-being, Norwood goes head to head with her cravings, powering through them with the aid of greens, fruits and nuts. Putting a light spin on serious health resolutions, Norwood successfully weaves education with entertainment, inviting viewers to join her as she navigates the foreign landscape of a raw lifestyle. Norwood’s personal transformation is supplemented with valuable information on the benefits of raw, live foods.

Morphing into a certified raw foodie, Norwood notes significant derivatives from her new healthy eating habits. Losing a total of 15 pounds in 30 days, experiencing enhanced vitality, and healing her injured Achilles tendon are just some of the benefits she discovers. Inspired by her own health, Norwood decides that the raw way is the right way for her. A fun film packaged with a serious message, Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw will leave you craving seconds.

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