stuffed earth toy

Part of the Hugg-A-Planet line, this huggable globe has been voted “Best 25 Toys of the Past 25 Years” by the Parent’s Choice Foundation, and is “Recommended By The National Association For Gifted Children”. Early Childhood News, Wall Street Journal, Toy Tips, and even National Environmental Group all highly recommend Hugg-A-Planet. Over 600 places are labeled to guide children to learn about, care for, and love the Planet Earth. With options like Earth, Mars, The Moon, and even detailed maps of the United States, there’s plenty to learn!

Also available in Spanish and French, and in all different sizes. The globe itself made out of recycled materials to help spread the message of ecological awareness. Earthtoy also offers organic cotton plush toys filled with organic cotton stuffing. The company’s mission is to implement positive ecological messages into children’s toys. Making learning fun helps reinforce these positive messages.

From classrooms to playrooms, the Hugg-A-Planet globe makes a great educational gift for children of all ages!

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