strange invisible perfumes

Strange Invisible Perfumes transports us back to the days when perfumeries were filled with natural plant essences.

Refusing to buy into the inexpensive synthetic substances which have been introduced into the market over time, the owner, Alexandra Balahoutis, opts for all natural ingredients – organic wherever possible – in all of her perfumes. She even uses an organic, beverage-quality grape-based alcohol as the solvent in each scent.

Strange Invisible Perfumes carries eighteen signature fragrances. As a truly unique gift, a customised scent can also be concocted. This entails a 2-3 hour consultation with Alex during which in addition to experiencing patch testing on your skin for compatibility and floral water tasting, you are asked about your inspirations, favorite seasons, travels and memories, so that they may be bottled up forever and kept on file, with the promise that no one will ever have the exact same scent as you.

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