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let your heart be known


let your heart be known

“Steve”™s music is a process of revelation. I”™ve turned so many people on to Steve”™s music because it moves so well not only with yoga, but with the movement of life.” ~ Shiva Rea 

Yes, Shiva you've got it right. Add the fact that Steve Gold is a down to earth person and soulful singer, and you've got a heavenly mix.

Steve creates powerfully positive music that heals and inspires, vibrating straight from and to the heart.

His music holds a sacred space for your yoga practice, or for simply sitting with candlelight sipping your favorite tea. 

Steve's personal practices of more than 25 years combines his love for yoga, world music, chanting, songwriting, and “possibility” thinking. We love that! “Possibility” thinking! 

Mr Gold and his gorgeous French wife Anne-Émilie, often travel the world teaching workshops and playing music at yoga conferences and music festivals.

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CD baby calls – Let Your Heart Be Known – his latest album; “An epic journey through the timeless blues of the Mississippi Delta and West African inspired world folk music, merging with the power of positive English lyrics and ancient Sanskrit mantras.”

We simply love to listen to it while cruising North on PCH, the sun in the sky, the wind in our hair and the magnificent Pacific Ocean to our left…

Los Angeles , California , United States
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