sound awakening

If you’re in London, start your day by immersing yourself in total relaxation with a gong bath at Sound Awakening. Louise Shiels, the owner of this unique Sound Healing and Reiki studio, personally greets guests as they enter, leading them into a waiting room to shed shoes and coats before settling down for whichever therapy they’ve chosen.

The interior of the studio is arranged to inspire feelings of tranquillity, as leafy plants stand serenely in the corners of the room and glowing lamps are scattered about amidst the darkness. The gong itself takes center stage, with mats carefully organized around it. Louise ensures that everyone is ready and comfortable: additional mats are available to add for extra back support, and there are ample pillows and blankets if needed. The gong bath is an hour long, so it’s important to get comfortable!

After wrapping up in the blankets, Louise explains the format of the session. Aware that many of her customers have never experienced a long bath before, she invests time to make sure everyone understands the importance of breath as an anchor. Deep breathing is integral to the release of any tension in the body; sound vibrations allow this to happen.

The session itself starts gradually as Louise envelops the space in long, deep sounds which gently carry you into a meditative state. This then builds towards a crescendo creating waves which ripple through the body before the sound of the gong slowly returns to soothing whispers.

The hour flies by! As you come out of your meditative state and slowly open your eyes, soft notes of lavender fill the air, a special touch by Louise, helping to bring the bathers back to their bodies. This beautiful experience will have you rushing back to Sound Awakening for your next magical session.

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