Sohofama is a collaboration between the local Hong Kong lifestyle brand G.O.D and restaurant Locofama which is famous for serving local organic sustainable food. G.O.D stands for preserving the local culture together with Locofama creating a modern healthy lifestyle.

Their collaboration, Sohofama, strives to raise awareness for healthier living, supporting the community by buying from local farmers and organic produce. They swear there’s no MSG in the food and everything comes from their own farms in New Territories. Most dishes are based on familiar Hong Kong and Chinese dishes with a healthy twist to them. What’s not to love with that?

Sohofama is a true example of sustainable food that doesn’t sacrifice taste nor the heritage of traditional Chinese cuisine. Favourites are Grandma’s organic spicy Ma Po tofu and the sweet organic miso eggplant casserole made with less oil then its original. You can also never go wrong with the traditional fried rice and the local organic stir fried green beans. And to bring it even closer to the Chinese tradition, the restaurant offers a seasonal herbal soup selection that will cover whatever a big city dweller needs to feel good. The restaurant also serves blended juices that taste like heaven on a hot summer day (which in Hong Kong is 9 months out of the year!) and cold fresh young coconuts from Thailand.

Being located in PMQ (the old Police Married Quarters that has been turned into a platform for creative industries and lifestyle experiences) surrounded by local talent and design, the founders feel that this way it’s easier to educate the new generation about what is good food and what is not.

There is a garden and mini farm surrounding you when you sit outside. With this garden, Sohofama wants to remind guests where their food comes from and also inspire people to start growing their own urban farms or gardens. Playing with the concept of “farm to table” the owners instead wanted to turn it around and bring “table to farm” with this outdoor garden and, while there, you won’t even feel like you’re in a big city at all anymore.

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