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If you have skin problems like many others in Hong Kong, make sure you do not further irritate your skin with those chemical soap products. SO…SOAP+ products are made of all-natural ingredients with zero artificial chemicals. Their soap includes a blend of saponified plant oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, unrefined shea butter, 100% all natural essential oil. Yet, to reduce the burden on the natural environment and habitat, the company does not use palm oil.

Less is more. So Soap offers only 4 kinds of cleansing products: body, hair, hand, and bar soap. Customers pick their own flavors to fit their needs: bergamot for uplifting, peppermint for cooling, lavender for relaxing, rose for relieving anxiety. So Soap's signature bar soap has a special range of scents that would definitely arouse your interest: sandalwood bergamot, orange earl grey, rooibos tea, rose geranium, etc.

All So Soap items are 100% hand-made in Hong Kong by their soap makers. The co-founders Bella Ip, Yu Chi-Kwong, and Lam Wai-Hung share the similar thoughts that natural soap could serve to provide solutions to ecological problems. Their products are eco-friendly and sustainable. Locally made products reduce carbon emission during long-distance transportation. So Soap uses recyclable packaging and sends a refill pack for customers in order to reduce waste. 

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Occasionally, So Soap hosts workshops to teach people how to make natural bar soap. You can learn more about soap and become a fellow soap maker. All you need to bring is yourself and basic ingredients! 

You can purchase their products in various resellers, a few of them are listed below: 

Kapok – crafted in Hong Kong
GF / Hollywood / HG10-HG12 PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street,Central
Sparadise Urban Retreat & Gallery
3-4/F, 60 Wellington St. Central
Zixag Gallery
G/F, 40 Sai Street, Sheung Wan

Hong Kong , Hong Kong (SAR) , Hong Kong (SAR) , 00000
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