If you didn’t get your daily dose of healthy veggies yet, be sure to stop by at SLA, Amsterdam’s hippest salad bar! The bar is absolutely eye-catching and original, it represents a glasshouse or ”˜kas’ in which salad and other vegetables are grown. How suiting! Their products are local, seasonal and fruits and vegetables are 90% organic. It’s a match made in heaven for all vegetarians and vegans out there!

SLA is your epiphanic salad bar! You can either pick one of the ”˜favourites’ or choose from a wide range of organic ingredients to customize your own salad. When creating your own salad the combinations you can make are endless! You start with choosing your type of lettuce, then you can pick one of the delicious home made dressings, next you choose your favourite grains and seeds, pick your three veggies (you can always add more), optional is to choose an extra premium and you finish it off with a topping. A salad of baby spinach, quinoa, pumpkin, aubergine and green beans with fresh coriander and a lime, tamari, coriander, red pepper and miso dressing might be one of the hundred combinations you can make. Get creative and start designing your own salad!

Besides salad you can also go for a soup -the broccoli soup with spinach, coconut, ginger and lime is a must-try! – or a vegan sandwich on oat flour bread. For all sweet tooth’s, they do serve delicious raw and vegan cakes as well! The raw, salted caramel cheesecake might just be the perfect desert after your healthy meal. Add a raw hot chocolate with maca to make it even better.

SLA is about eating healthy, but also about creating awareness on living healthy. Make sure to take a closer look at the workshops that are given in the ”˜SLA LAB’ on the effects healthy food has on your body. This amazing initiative is founded by Jop van de Graaf & Nina Pierson.

The salad bar can be found in several locations in Amsterdam, check out their website to see where you can score your customized salad. For those who live in Amsterdam, you can even have your salad be delivered to your doorstep, how convenient is that!

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