8 reasons why you will love shreyas yoga retreat in india

There are many reasons why we love Shreyas: the staff is incredibly attentive, the food is delicious, the yoga is awesome, the grounds are beautiful, the massages are wonderfully soothing and the atmosphere is just so tranquil. We could go on and on and on…. Instead, here is a our top 8 reasons: 

1)   The attention to detail – for example, fresh flowers and petals strategically placed in your rooms, the dining areas and even in the men’s urinals.

2)   The food – fresh, imaginative, creative, with most of the ingredients grown organically in the grounds of Shreyas.

3)   The atmosphere – Shreyas takes the concept of candle-lit dinners to another level altogether. The pictures cannot do it justice, you have be there to experience the magic of the ambience.

4)   The staff – super friendly and humble, they will touch your hearts.

5)   The yoga classes and philosophical discussions – great classes and satsangs delivered by teachers who really carry wisdom

6)    The grounds – an oasis of tranquillity just outside the Bangalore, with palm trees, beautiful flowers, organic herb and vegetable gardens.

7)   The orphanage that Shreyas supports – do make sure you pay a visit there to serve them lunch. The children are incredible and the whole experience is guaranteed to reach out to the best places within your heart…

8)   The massages, the swimming pool, the home cinema, the library…

Shreyas is a journey of self-discovery. It is a place where you will be well looked after, in very comfortable surroundings, giving you the space you need to take a retreat from your city responsibilities and focus on yourself.


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