The core element of the Shivaloka collection is Rudrashka, a rare and energetic bead that is amongst the most revered one in India. Great spiritual masters of the sub-continent have believed for centuries in the holy and natural power of the beads, and their use as a spiritually empowering jewelry to wear.

Shivaloka designs are all handcrafted in Bali, where the company’s flagship store has settled in Ubud.   Each piece is created to intentionally provide elegance, wisdom and peace to the person wearing it. Most of the collection incorporates fine precious and semi-precious gems with healing properties for removing obstacles, adding wisdom or protecting from negative influences.

As one of the leaders in the spiritual jewelry market, Shivaloka goes beyond the fashion trend with a refined marketing campaign and simple yet elegant packaging.  The brand sits comfortably next to luxurious jewelry brands. In exploring a whole new demographic outreach, they turn malas into art pieces, and are becoming a favorite to yogis and celebrities alike.

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