savasana 3 – wah’s album


an album reivew

Wah!’s CD, Savasana 3: Natural Beauty is instant love; new, yet familiar and easy. Wah!’s golden voice and ethereal melodies are prominent throughout, accompanied by her simple harmonium, soothing electronics and occasional sounds of nature. There is much to hear, deep within. 

Savasana 3 is medicine for the soul, and it doesn’t get old. I use it for yoga practice, work, general background music and as an air freshener too. The prayers and tunes remain long after the CD stops spinning. Please use caution operating machinery or driving while enjoying the effects of Savasana 3. 

Wah’s book, Healing: a Vibrational Exchange is also available. The chapters of the CD coincide with the chapters of the book. You can get to experience them together. All kinds of people can benefit from these healing gifts from Wah!

Listen to Savasana 3 here

Listen to Savasana Opening track here below.

YouTube video

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