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Published: 13-07-2011 - Last Edited: 19-08-2021


All flip and NO FLOP!!!

Once you slip your feet into these shoes, you may find it hard to put on any other shoes, much less any other flip-flops you may have laying around.

Made from yoga mat material, comfort and style did not go unnoticed when this ”˜vegan”™ footwear was designed.  With a selection of 10 colors to choose from, each with a checkered pattern on the underside of the straps and colored soft nylon toe strap  – you can bring a little playfullness to your daywear attire.

The company itself boasts on their website “we strive to make products that are as much about funk as they are about function”¦ Because “Sanük” is the Thai word for FUN, our name is also our mantra.”

Don”™t forget to also take a look at their other products ”“ a range of footwear for men, women, and kids.

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At the very least, for $28 dollars, you just can”™t afford not to slip into the cushiony yoga mat flip flops.

“Fun” as Sanuk”™s mantra? Now, that”™s worth repeating!

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