samovar tea lounge

Samovar Tea Lounge epitomizes the widespread cultural influence of tea. Now with three locations in the city, Samovar has fused the East-meets-West tea ethos into something all its own. The Yerba Buena Garden location is a glass structure perched atop the Martin Luther King Jr. fountain. Sitting on the jewel-toned banquet, overlooking a lush flower garden, you can take a mini-vacation and everyone will have different trip. Samovar features more than 50 teas, herbal infusions and a menu that represents most continents. Do not expect to take a quick lunch here: service is relaxed and you will be, too, by the time you finish. 

Tea and food are available a la carte, but it’s more fun to choose from the carefully thought-out menu of regional tea services, which pairs teas with artfully arrayed platters of corresponding treats. The Moorish Tea service matched a fine herbal mint tea with a Halloumi (goat cheese) Kebab over a mint salad, dolmas, and dates stuffed with chevre. Yum! The Russian tea service featured fragrant Samovar Russian Tea, smoked salmon blinis, a Russian deviled egg with caviar and bergamot bread pudding, and a chunk of rustic dark chocolate. The front counter holds a tempting display of fresh baked goods including fig-almond cake and jasmine tea biscotti, in case you have to take your tea to go.

297 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

730 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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