sakti dining room

Located on the very edge of the Ayung River, the fine dining, eco-luxurious setting for this restaurant is pristine. It features lush vegetation, tropical ponds and gardens, sounds of the river, and a serene ambiance where the staff moves with grace and gentle steps, complementing greatly the meal experience.

This incredible bamboo structure with traditional alang alang thatched roofing provides an immmediate exotic feeling, and a sensation of instant calmness. It’s built in traditional Balinese style, in harmony with nature and with principals aligning the spaces with the energy of the land. But most people visit this restaurant for the unique raw food experience.

The menu is pleasantly surprising and can reconcile even those that are the most “reluctant to raw food.” It shows how delicious and inventive raw food can be. Perfectly suited to the tropical weather (fresh, raw and cold providing an array of vital nutrients to your sweaty and mineral deprived body) the effects of this gourmet vegan and raw food include instant vitality as you feel light even after a 4,5 or 7 course meal! The menu is on the high price level so you should enjoy this outing for a special occasion with a loved one or a family sunday brunch trip.

Check for recurring chef’s specialty tasting lunches and dinners (available in 3, 5 and 7-course menus), signature dishes and desserts.

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