sacred chants of india

The visionary Sacred Chants of India is an enriching musical experience that reflects the extraordinary aspects of life behind the ordinary façade of the world. Kosmic Music strives to enrich the heart and soul of the listener, creating music with rare lyrical quality that is both lively and rich with meaning.

Featuring chants and mantras from Kosmic Music’s top-selling meditation series, artists combine tranquil instrumental accompaniment with beautiful female voices.

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  • Each chant is meant to bestow a particular intention and blessing.

    For example, “Mangalacharam” asks for prosperity, clarity and peace on our journey to supreme bliss; “Suryashtakam”evokes strength from within, requesting the divine energy to extinguish our negativities; and “Mangalam” is a traditional prayer to impart eternal authenticity and peace in our lives.

    Infusing sounds that internally ease and relax, Sacred Chants of India creates an ambience of receptive tranquility and renewed perspective.

    Kosmic Music – $16.98

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