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Best Indian Restaurant in Canggu

There’s something about home cooked Indian cuisine that is exceptionally flavorful. But how often do you get to eat Indian in a healthy way? At Roti Daal, you will find nutritious vegetarian and vegan dishes thoughtfully served on a different menu every day. This home-style Indian restaurant is on a mission to reinvent variety as the spice of life.

The stylish ambience of this quaint Indian corner invites curry-lovers to get together. Just like the food, the surroundings are garnished with warm and welcoming touches of India.

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While the friendly staff introduces the dishes on display, the alluring aromas of the freshly-made specials make it difficult to choose the one to start with.

The collaborators behind Roti Daal boldly defy the conventional Indian menu by experimenting with fresh seasonal ingredients from the island and beyond.

Their promise to serve different home-cooked meals every day means you can taste the extra inspiration behind each dish.

Their home-cooked creativity seems to be enticing patrons to keep coming back for more. The best way to savour the different flavours from all over India is to try the traditional Maharini Thali.

Attentively served on a platter, five distinctive dishes are neatly presented with clay-oven tandoori rotis and basmati rice. Rachna the owner, beams as she tells us most dishes are protein-rich, boasting ingredients with healing qualities.

We washed down rustic flavours of tamarind, cumin and ginger with a pretty refreshing yogurt mango lassie.

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This is a place that really puts its customers at the heart of all its dishes. Each flavoursome dish is carefully researched and prepared, cooked low oil and gentle spices.

You are considerately left feeling satisfied without the heavy after-taste! Thoughtful touches, like home-made chilli accompaniments, are kindly placed on the side, inviting heat-seekers to spice their meal to their liking.

We love their commitment to creating fresh, healthy, home-cooked dishes. What better way to taste authentic India and feel good afterwards too!

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