It is hard to believe that Ripe is still relatively new here in Dubai – launched in July 2011 – but it feels like such an integral part of all things fresh and foodie. Their new Ripe Farm Shop in the heart of Umm Sequim just roots the company even deeper in the community.

Ripe is all about making fresh and organic produce accessible to UAE residents by supporting local agriculture. As locals can support, most produce is imported in massive quantities into the UAE from all sorts of far flung countries. Eating food that has been grown closer to home is not only good environmentally, but it also is good for the body. Plus, local farmers get supported, which is amazing in itself.    

At the Ripe Farm Shop, you will find local fruits and vegetables along with other organic products and tasty gourmet treats.  

If you can’t make it to their shop, they also do Ripe Deliveries – in true Dubai fashion – organic fruits, vegetables, and other goodies straight to your door. In addition, rather novel for Dubai, their ordering service is straight forward, accurate, and reliable!

They also do Ripe Food & Craft Markets and details of these are on their website.

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