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CLOSED since JUNE 2016

It takes one, to know one. That’s the feeling at Rawvolution, a raw vegan eatery juice, coffee, tea, wellness, elixir bar located on Main Street in Santa Monica.

There is a unique and authentic energy vibrating through the space that speaks directly to the ‘true-bie.’

Rawvolution occupies a large corner space in the heart of Santa Monica featuring different types of comfortable eclectic tables indoors and outdoors, including banquettes, and a loungy, pillowy couch that feels like home. People just hang out and work on their laptop for hours, eat, take in a wellness shot, drink a cold pressed juice or indulge in a Krishna herbal elixir warm blend made with coconut oil and homemade whipped topping. Rawvolution also added a Longevity-branded Coffee Bar which offers the lowest level of acidity available within the genre of coffee.

This restaurant has thrived over nine years in a costly Santa Monica area because, in my opinion, the energy is so special it merits the loyalty it has fortunately enjoyed. It is hard to find places like this that are so embedded in the energy and lifestyle it promotes. The staff is among the nicest I’ve encountered, offering kindness, smiles and a great attitude. The food is over-flowing in freshness and genuine taste and served in big hearty portions.

I enjoyed several dishes from their ‘Enlightened Salad’ featuring Kale, baby greens, avocado, tomato, scallions, tabouli, hemp and carrots tossed in flax oil and sesame seeds. In addition, on my table, was an entire Coconut to drink and eat, savory kale chips on the side and a banana yogurt chi smoothie featuring almond milk, maca, coconut yogurt, granola and cinnamon.

The menu is diversified with plenty to choose from. On the back wall is a huge blackboard featuring every wellness related beverage option available in full form or shot version. It’s like drinking the interior of a health food store ranging in everything from Organic Bulgarian Rosewater to E-3 live!

This is a Raw Foodist’ dream! In addition to serving up great Raw Vegan food in large hearty portions, it is also a refreshing experience to feel the purity of what the Raw Food movement is all about. It just feels good to be here! 

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