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When you think of Burbank, chances are that it conjures up images of film and television studios, entertainment biz offices and strip malls, rather than serene and green sanctuaries. The irony is that Burbank is now home to one of the eco-savviest spas in California, if not the US. rA Organic Spa (located right next to the Granville Gourmet Café in beautiful downtown Burbank), is a gem on the face of the Valley.

Eco-friendly, welcoming, gracious and sophisticated, rA sets an example in earth-wise, people-nurturing skin and body care that’s naturally impeccable. This is the kind of refuge where you will want to come alone to take some restful private time, yet it’s also an ideal spot for sharing some peace with a friend. The hospitality feeds your mind and body with aromatic organic teas, fresh fruit, and cookies.  rA is open everyday from 10am until 8pm. 

Composed of bamboo floors, natural stone, non-toxic paints, wood stains and treatment rooms with names like the Zen, Aqua, Serenity and Garden suites, rA is utterly worthy of the appellation “eco-spa.” With its varied selection of multicultural treatments, rA is a 21st century spa that serves the melting pot of Southern California with insight and tenderness. Owner Chris Haas has created a retreat with comforting feng shui, sustainable building materials, energy-efficient light bulbs, diplomatic staff and natural body care products. Like a good yoga studio, rA is the kind of place that you hate to leave; you may find yourself fantasizing about the atmosphere, or the quieter, gentler, kinder you that emerges whenever you visit. 

To make a long spa story short, rA is a fine and well-priced spa for experiencing top-notch planet-friendly skin care, massage therapy and body care. A primary focus here is on facials, body wraps and herbal foot care. The signature facials (organic, of course), incorporate paraffin wax hand therapy and Ayurvedic massage.

It cannot be stressed enough how effective rA’s wraps and foot care treatments are at improving blood circulation, skin texture and tone. Summer means tired, hot and stressed feet. Book a footbath, or better yet, book two, for you and someone near and dear who needs a special treat.

Another primary focus here is massage. If you are a massage lover, you will suffer from the ecstasy of choice when confronted with rA’s offerings. Signature treatments here are the Traditional Thai massage, Swedish/Balinese massage and Shiatsu Deep Tissue massage. Reap maximum benefits from your healing massage by following it with an essential oil-infused body wrap. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sleeping through the wrap.

Be forewarned that rA boasts one of the best skin and body care gift shops in Southern California. The Organic Boutique is an utterly pleasing place to wander around after zoning out in the spa. Some people call shopping meditation in motion, and the Organic Boutique certainly offers the opportunity to practice this beloved and sometimes dangerous retail meditation.

If you can afford it, by all means, bring some extra cash with you to spend on the brilliantly edited selection of organic skin care products, bath and body treats, and other sensually hip gifts purchased locally and abroad. Shopping here will save you time: you can stock up on holiday, birthday and other gifts all in one go.  rA rah RAH! That’s right, it rhymes with spa, which along with its high level of service, is yet another reason why it rocks. Go there and feel the organi-licious rA magic for yourself.

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