all about precious silver clay with yoga jewelry by moondog treasures

PMC is Precious Metal Clay. This material was created by the Mitsubishi Corporation in the early 1990s as a way to recover silver, gold, and platinum from old computers, medical instruments and photography supplies. A method was developed that allowed the combination of precious metals into a type of clay that could be used to make jewelry and other products.

The PMC comes in clay form. It is made of particles of pure silver mixed with an organic binder. Susan Reeves, the designer of Moon Dog Treasures take images and letters and presses them into the clay then fires in a kiln at 1200 degrees. When the binder is burned away during firing, it leaves a pendant of 99.9% pure silver. 

It’s nice to know that PMC is made with sustainable/recycled materials. The artist is even able to use the leftover clay and “mistakes” by re-constituting the clay and creating a new product.

New designs have been added to the PMC pendant collection at with inspisring words such as Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the Change” or the word “harmony” with lotus flower and tiny om pendants “moksha” (sanskrit word for freedom) with om symbol “ananda” (sanskrit word for bliss.)  Some other best-sellers are the “namaste” ring pendant, Ganesh and om symbol pendants.

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