primal branding

After years of working with companies like Target, Starbucks, and General Motors, advertising veteran Patrick Hanlon was ready to sit down and tackle the industry’s oldest question: What elements separate successful brands like Google, Apple, and Mini Cooper from the rest of the herd?

In what he refers to as the “primal code,” Hanlon takes readers beyond traditional marketing dogma into the world of successful brands and organizations to uncover their secret: a combination of seven elements. Hanlon shows how to use these elements ”” The Creation Story, Creed, Icons, Rituals, Nonbelievers, Sacred Words, and the Leader ”” to build brand identity and successfully run a business. Also covered are a diverse group of brands who utilize the seven elements to achieve success, including Starbucks, UPS, Oprah, Las Vegas, and (believe it or not) Gilligan’s Island. 

Primal Branding is a primer for those seeking to build a true household brand, or as Christina Korbes (Senior Director of LEGO Central Europe) says, “A crash course in branding. It’s so easy to understand”¦exactly what many companies should be doing, but [aren’t].”

Find Primal Branding on Amazon for $15. 

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