power yoga for happiness

If you’re looking for a lighthearted and vigorous home practice DVD, try out Eoin Finn’s two-DVD set Power Yoga for Happiness. Eoin gracefully guides you through a playful and powerful yoga practice with an intention to bring happiness to your soul. Eoin’s sequencing is fun and creative, offering a refreshing and sweet twist to power yoga. (Maybe it stems from his Canadian roots?) The yoga classes are filmed outside in tranquil and beautiful surroundings, symbolic of our inherent connection to earth. You may find a yoga student practicing a pose on a fallen tree or next to a still pond. Choose from five different routines with creative names likr “magically hips,” “daily dose of bliss” and “the quickie.” Each routine is a different length to fit varying schedules, adding flexibility to a home yoga practice. Gain strength and flexibility, but most importantly, enjoy a “luminous and joyous state” of happiness. – $22.50 You also might like Power Yoga