power yoga

When one thinks of power yoga, images of intense physicality and endurance may emerge. However, Power Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Strength, Grace and Inner Peace by Ulrica Norberg provides a more complete perspective on this dynamic and vigorous style of hatha yoga, which can encompass inner understanding as well as strength and flexibility. Norberg explains that yoga is better perceived as a science based on personal experience than as a religion, making it an appealing path for individuals of any faith to seek a higher level of awareness, strength, vitality and freedom through physical, mental and spiritual development. The first three chapters describe the philosophical ideas behind yoga training, including what yoga consists of, the roots of yoga, the energy system and the role of breath. The next sections cover yoga exercises, revolving around sun salutation sequences, standing and seated poses. Finally, Power Yoga closes with physical and mental relaxation as well as frequently asked questions. Suitable for most levels of training, Power Yoga contains clear photos of asanas and step-by-step instructions on how to safely achieve each pose. While it is not intended as a substitute for an experienced yoga teacher, Norberg presents a straightforward and engaging introduction to a power yoga practice that can bring positive results at multiple levels of one’s being. – $14.95 You also might like this Power Yoga for Happiness