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RubyLove Reflection-Tees

RubyLove Reflection-Tees

Published: 31-07-2012 - Last Edited: 15-11-2022

RubyLove Reflection-Tees

A positive boost is only a mirror away with these tees from RubyLove. Two friends, Ann Dooley and Italia Pierfederici, who are on a mission to promote inner beauty and strength to women across the map, founded the company.

Their line of products, Reflection-Tees, have encouraging phrases such as “Love Yourself” or “Smile Big” printed backward across the front and come in colors like “Cloud 9” or “Spunk.”

All the goods are made sweatshop-free and come in tees, tanks and long sleeves. Men and kids tees are also available. 

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