portugal spirit festival 2018

Inspired by the annual BaliSpirit Festival, one of the world’s most renowned yoga festivals, this anticipated event is now on its way to the mediterranean. For yoga lovers, wellness-seekers and cultural enthusiasts, the Portugal Spirit Festival is the perfect international celebration of yoga, dance, music and healing.

The Portugal Spirit Festival is on a mission to celebrate Portugal’s culture and art in the beautiful town of Cascais. The event will be attracting the world to Portugal, and inviting them to connect as a community with celebrations of spirituality and growth. From informative discussions to explorative practices, there will be a variety of experiences, suitable for all levels.

“We are thrilled to bring the prestigious yoga festival to Europe for the very first time, and to celebrate, we are making it a free event!” Says co-founder of the Portugal Spirit Festival, Meghan Pappenheim. Visitors are encouraged to donate to their favorite teachers and speakers as a way to show their gratitude.

Portugal Spirit Festival will be hosted in a stunning venue this year, with views overlooking the sea and a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. The Casa de Santa Maria will perfectly host an array of activities, including a VIP opening party on the Friday. Main workshops and performances will include yoga, meditation, dance/movement, healing and live music and dance performances. Several workshops, dance and music will be held in The Parque. Learn more about the venue here.

At the core of their vision, the Spirit Festivals aims to be supportive the community through local businesses, promoting local cultures and charities. Read more about them and their community outreach. 

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