pigaone footwear

What if there was footgear that could support your arches, improve your posture, and was so comfortable that you wouldn’t even notice it while practicing yoga?This is the idea behind PIGAOne, the minimalist footgear that takes yogi toe socks to the next level.

PIGAOne is designed to provide stability and comfort while engaging in barefoot activities such as yoga, dance, and martial arts. They can even be worn for surfing or SUP boarding, as they are made of a waterproof, swimsuit-like material.

The grippy padding on the balls of the feet helps keep you grounded without sacrificing flexibility and freedom of motion. They were created with the foot in mind, from the heels and toes right down to the muscles and tendons. PIGAOnes aren’t meant to just cover the feet, but support them.

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Unlike toe socks or other types of footwear, PIGAOne fits snugly, like a second skin, and doesn’t slide around on your feet while in Downward-Facing Dog. They hug the feet, but are super light and durable. So light and durable, in fact, that one forgets they are even wearing them!

PIGAOne will soon be available for purchase online, but in the meantime, those who back their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will be able to take advantage of special offers.